Friday, September 2, 2016

Last Day of Summer Vacation

Allie has enjoyed having Calla visit for the last few weeks of summer vacation. They modelled for  new bathing suits, watched Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, explored Grand's new house, and discovered Anne of Green Gables.

Today, on the last day of vacation, they found a picture of the beach at Cavendish that Grand had taken several years ago while vacationing on P.E.I.  It only seemed right that with Calla's carrot red hair and Allie's dark brown braids that they do some "imagining".

And of course they had to send a postcard home!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

On the Playground

While it is officially autumn in In-Betwix, summer weather is making one last appearance. Saja and Marzi decided to take advantage of the warm, sunny day to go to the playground.  Both prefer to be outside and active with skateboarding, tennis and cook outs among their favourite activities.

Today Saja wanted to try out her new jump rope. Her old one had been chewed by naughty puppy so Lubelle had given her a beautiful new blue one. She'd carefully kept it away from the puppy to avoid further chewing temptation.

Marzi preferred to play hopscotch today. Grand gave her some chalk and she carefully drew her hopscotch board on the side walk.

Naughty puppy, not really meaning to be naughty, got caught up in the exuberance of their games and accidentally bumped Marzi who lost her balance and fell.

Saja dropped her jump rope and quickly ran over to help Marzi. Naughty puppy feeling badly he'd knocked Marzi down tried to apologize by licking Marzi's face. Eew puppy drool! That just added insult to injury!

Saja finally got the situation under control and helped both Marzi and the puppy back to Grand's. Knowing the kids in her care, Grand saved the day by supplying ice cream all around.  It looks like naughty puppy might be about to find himself in the dog house again!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Jive Talkin'

It's Saturday morning at Grand's house and each of the kids have their favourite routine.  Whiffy likes to sit and watch cartoons with his action figures. Winnie the Pooh and Smurfs are usually on just after breakfast. Liam and Angel get to go to the park with the Nanny or to the indoor play park if the weather isn't cooperating like today.

Serenity and Miss Pepper have a different view of Saturday mornings. Miss Pepper found an old record player and some vinyl records. Serenity helped her get  the record player down the hall by putting it on an old blanket they found.  While Serenity pulled the ends of the blanket, Miss Pepper pushed on the old machine from behind.  Once they had maneuvered it into place and plugged it in, they started sifting through the couple of dozen records they'd found with it. Serenity decided  the BeeGee's was such a fun name that she would have to listen to that one first.

Turns out Jive Talkin' is the perfect music for a Saturday morning dance party!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Stand Back Everyone!

Here in In-Betwix those last few bittersweet days of August are coming to a close. The fairies and pixies are spending a lot of time pursuing the art of doing nothing but reading and lounging in the sun, appreciating the summer scents of flowers, freshly mowed grass while sipping on lemonade.

Flit just finished reading "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone". Since she's supposed to be a house fairy, she thought it was high time she learned to use magic and has been imagining herself as a wee Hermione Granger!

So off she went in search of the rest of the gang hoping to show off her wand and perhaps try out a spell or two she'd been working on.

"Stand back everybody, I'm going to try magic!"

"Uh oh!" exclaimed Weasley, "I'm so outta here!"

"Come on Weasley, you don't think she can really do magic do you?" argued Crumb.
"Well, I'm not taking any chances," yelled Nixie as she high tailed it into the house. "Remember the giant thistle?"

Murphy, not having a chance to escape, chose to grab onto the post in front of her just in case.

A deafening bang reverberated through the quiet summer air and a bright flash of light blinded everyone. When the noise had died off and Flit could see again, she looked around with astonishment at the havoc she'd managed to create. Of course, she quickly checked to make sure no one was hurt.

"Flit! Get me down from here!

"Whaaa...t happened?"

"Ugh. I'm so going to break that wand over her head!"

"I'm okay...really, just give me a moment. I don't think anything is broken."

"Oops! "

It's a good thing August is just about over. Butterlea residents will be starting to bring in the harvest next week in preparation for winter. I'm sure Murphy and Nixie are going to be finding lots of work to keep Flit busy. Once they get that wand away from her anyway!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Who's that jumping on the bed...

...why Calla and Linnie that's who!

There's never a dull moment in In-Betwix these days!  Calla couldn't wait to show off her bedroom to Linnie and it wasn't long before the boots and shoes were off so the jumping could begin.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Drum

With so many visitors at Grand's the younger children can get overwhelmed. Serenity needed a bit of peace and quiet so she and Miss Pepper decided to sneak off to their hideout in the wall. It's far away from the action and usually very quiet. They'd just settled down for a knitting lesson when a series of loud bangs made them jump!

Since Serenity's hands were a little occupied holding the yarn that Miss Pepper was patiently winding in to a ball, they decided to ignore the interruption and settled back in to a rhythm. Swish, wind, swish, wind....

...bang, bang, bangety, bangety, bop, bop, bang!  This time the noise was too much. Serenity dropped the yarn and ran off down the hall to see what was causing all the racket.

Oh no! One of those visitors gave Whiffy a drum!
"Make him stop please Grand! He's hurting my head!"

It's a good thing Whiffy is still young enough for an afternoon nap.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Summer Guests and the Giant Thistle Incident

Aelbridge isn't the only place dealing with the influx of summer visitors. Butterlea, it seems, is the place for the fairy and pixie crowd to hang out during those hot, hazy days of summer. The local bed and breakfast is hosting Weasley and Flit for a couple of months. Of course Crumb is still camping out in Beittoven's back yard.

Yesterday was the annual woodland picnic and all five pixies spent the day roaming the forest and fields around Butterlea looking for mushrooms, fiddle-heads and other delicacies to put up for the long winter.

Flit, unfamiliar with the local flora, managed to tangle with a giant thistle. She spent several horrified minutes suspended by her sweet blond curls before Murphy and Crumb were able to rescue her. Sadly the only way to release her from the thistle was to cut all of her hair off.

This morning Crumb loaned her a hat and the puppies were happy to give her some moral support!