Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The Delivery

It was a gloomy morning in Aelbridge and everyone was playing inside. The older kids had gone into Grand's studio hoping she'd let them have some scraps of yarns and fabric to build a fort with. Grand wasn't in the studio. Instead they found a huge box sitting by the window. Curious, they sat down to speculate as to what might be inside.

"Maybe it's a new brother or sister," said Molly. This was a logical conclusion as they'd all arrived in boxes.
"That's a pretty big box. Maybe it's a hundred new brothers and sisters!" Eirwen exclaimed rather excited at the idea.
Eilidh blanched at the thought of that many new kids in the house. It was a big house but it was starting to get a little crowded. She remembered when she was the only kid at Grand's and didn't have to share toys and had Grand all to herself. Of course, it was much nicer with Eilidh and the others to play with but she wasn't thrilled with the idea of a hundred more kids around.
"I bet it's just one really, really, really big kid!" shouted Max as he raised his hands up as high in the air as he could to illustrate his point.

At that moment Grand walked in to the room. Everyone tried to talk at once, asking questions about the big box.
"Now children," she said. "It's not a hundred kids or even one really big kid. It's not a kid at all! It's my new weaving loom."

A large collective sigh of disappointment rang out through the room and one by one the kids left the studio completely forgetting the reason they'd come in to begin with. Except for Max. He didn't believe Grand. Nope not for a second. He was convinced that the box held a a really, really big kid. He hoped it was a boy. He was getting a little tired of being the only guy around other than baby Liam.

Max decided he wanted to see what the box contained himself. He grabbed hold of the strapping on the box and slowly climbed up the side.
It was a long climb and half way up he lost his footing and started to slide back down again. There really wasn't anywhere to get a grip with his feet and his poor little arms were about to give out.
"Grand!" he squeeked. "Help me please!"

Grand caught him just in time. She lifted him up to perch on the top of the box.
"Now Max, just what did you think you were doing?"
"I want to see what's inside. Can I help you open it please?"

Grand threw her hands up in defeat and laughed. "Of course!"

"Hand me the scissors then please Grand and I'll cut it open for you!"