Monday, September 16, 2013

Welcome Serenity!

The kids in Aelbridge are super excited today!  They found out from Grand that the new kid was scheduled to arrive sometime today.  Max still wants another boy in the house but Grand showed him a picture of the new girl and suddenly it didn't matter that she was a girl!  Poor Max, he's smitten.

Grand promised that those who finished their school work could play outside and watch for Serenity. Not surprising that Max was the first one done.  Maeve, Hannah and Calla managed to get through their spelling work and headed out to wait with Max.

Max could barely contain his excitement but Calla was easily distracted by the chipmunks and birds in the tree!

It was a long wait and in the end the kids headed in for dinner disappointed that Serenity still hadn't arrived.  Just as they were about to help Grand set the table, Himself arrived with a parcel.

Max and Calla, remembering all too well being stuck in a dark box for days on end, quickly ran to help Grand get the paper off and open the box.

Max got a little carried away with the bubble wrap making Calla a little impatient with him.

Calla finally got the box opened and introduced herself to Serenity.  Max, for the first time, was speechless and shy. Wonder how long that will last!

Welcome to In-Betwix Serenity! Hope you'll be happy here.