Monday, February 3, 2014


It's deep winter in In-Betwix. The days are cold and the nights even colder with lots of snow and wind.  It sure seemed like a long time until spring for the kids living with Grand!  The older kids in particular were tired of first bundling up the younger ones and then themselves just to go out and play for a few minutes.

So imagine how excited Molly, Hannah, Serenity and Calla were when Elia announced she was going with them on a mini vacation to to the sea side!  This was an event worthy of new clothes so Grand helped them order new outfits and once they had arrived by In-Betwix mail, a date was set for the adventure.

Elia was particularly anxious about her new outfit as she wanted to be taken seriously in her role of chaperone.

Grand assured her that this was an appropriate outfit. Of course, it was also suitable for an evening of dance too...just in case the opportunity should arise.

The morning of their departure arrived and dressed in their best, Grand dropped them at the train station. They would need to travel all morning on the high speed train just to get to the sea side and some warmer weather.  It was chilly without their winter gear but once on the train they quickly warmed up I'm sure in part due to the excitement of travelling to their destination.

Once they arrived, Elia took charge and found them a cab to deliver them to a bed and breakfast where they could leave all of their luggage before heading off to tea at a charming tea room near the beach.

The little girls, Serenity and Calla asked Elia if she would take their pictures and send them back to Grand.  So once tea was over, Elia got out the camera and took some pictures.

 Hannah and Molly wanted their pictures done too.  They certainly look like they've been to the beach!

Calla and Serenity were hoping to build sandcastles but it was just a little cool. Elia assured them that they could come back in the summer.

All too soon, their stay at the seaside was over and it was time to head back Aelbridge and the snow.  There were stories aplenty to relay to the rest of the Aelbridge gang who I'm positive will be working a little harder at their school work now in hopes of future trips in which they might be included!

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  1. Loving all the precious outfits! The old fashioned bathing costumes are amazing. I love Serenity's outfit too. It really seems to suit her.