Thursday, May 22, 2014

Angel and the Attic

It seems to Angel that Grand's house goes on forever, and ever!  Yesterday when all the other kids were writing end of year tests for school, Angel, who is only three and doesn't go to school yet, wandered off exploring.  She found a set of stairs just outside the nursery that lead up to the attic.

Now I know what you are thinking, attics are dusty, musty places full of spiders and just not a safe place for a three year old to be exploring unsupervised!  It's okay to think that as I'm sure that is what most attics are like. But this is Grand's attic and she knows that eventually one or all of the kids in her care will end up there.

It wasn't long before Angel came across just the thing she'd been searching for but hadn't known it!  There in the corner was a unicorn just the right size for a wee thing to go for a ride.

Except everyone knows that riding a unicorn isn't as easy as that!  You can't just get on thinking the unicorn wants you there or will even move for you.  So Angel sat down with her dollies and had a long chat with the creature hoping to make friends with him.

Of course just being friendly with a unicorn is no guarantee so Angel got out her magic wand. A quick wave of the wand and she was riding the unicorn in fine style. And apparently the unicorn's name is Fred!

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  1. Aw, so cute! Fred seems like the perfect name for the unicorn. :)