Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Spring has finally arrived in Butterlea. It was touch and go whether that would really happen. But, it's here and with it comes the chores like cutting grass, chopping firewood for next winter, and putting in the vegetable garden.

Crumb recently arrived in town and since the sun is shining today, he set out to look for work. First stop is the cute little two story where Nixie and Murphy live.

Murphy was surprised at the knock on the door as she hadn't been expecting anyone. The dinosaur head at the window made her slightly cautious as she opened the door.

Crumb apologized for scaring her and explained that he was looking for work.
"I'm a great gardener," he explained.

"Have you got your own tools and equipment?" asked Murphy
"I sure do!" replied Crumb. "I can cut the grass, trim trees and till the soil for the vegetable garden."

By this time Nixie had come to the door too. Murphy introduced her to Crumb and explained that he was willing to look after the yard work and he had his own tools.

"Well, Mr. Crumb," said Nixie, "It looks like you are hired! I have a good supply of all natural bug spray to keep the mosquitoes away and if you come to the back door at lunch time, I'll see you get a nice tall glass of iced tea too."

And that's how Crumb got a job as grounds keeper at the sweet little two story.

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