Thursday, July 10, 2014

Linnie meets Dair

It is summer time in In-Betwix and for those living in Aelbridge that means tourists and summer residents. It also means that Alasdair Creighton, Second in Command of the Wilders, comes to the city to make his annual report to the Council of Elders.

Poor Dair didn't realize when he asked Grand if he could bunk at her Estate that she would be hosting a whole big group of those summer residents. Much to his dismay, Linnie, a feisty shadow sprite, decided she wanted to shadow his every move. She followed him to Council Quarters and then decided it would be great fun to wreak a little sprite havoc!
Linnie led Dair on a merry chase and somehow managed to zoom in on the one office Dair wanted to avoid. Willow Nerys Llewellyn had enough reason to dislike Dair. He's not just a Wilder but heir to the Leadership and Willow leads the faction on Council that want to sever the longstanding agreement that has the Wilders guarding and patrolling the perimeters of the Shield in the wilds. Willow would prefer that In-Betwix's Elite Guard take over that role despite the fact that they have no affinity for the wilds.

Now Dair is going to need to explain how he let a shadow sprite evade him and get in to Willow's office which is under renovation and certainly no place for a wee thing like Linnie to be playing.

"Linnie!" Dair exclaims, "Get down from there! It's not safe in here and you are invading Miss Llewellyn's privacy."
Willow can barely contain her laughter. The sight of tall, broad shouldered Alisdair Creighton trying to grasp for a wiggling Linnie as she tries to shinny up the chair to to the top of the fireplace is just too funny. The fact that Dair is giving the time to a shadow sprite at all is almost beyond her comprehension. Dair is always so serious and business like despite the wild coloured hair, bright green flashing eyes and the rough Wilder clothes. Today he almost looked like he was having fun!
"I wonder," she thinks to herself, "which is the real Dair?"

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