Saturday, July 12, 2014

Summer Guests and the Giant Thistle Incident

Aelbridge isn't the only place dealing with the influx of summer visitors. Butterlea, it seems, is the place for the fairy and pixie crowd to hang out during those hot, hazy days of summer. The local bed and breakfast is hosting Weasley and Flit for a couple of months. Of course Crumb is still camping out in Beittoven's back yard.

Yesterday was the annual woodland picnic and all five pixies spent the day roaming the forest and fields around Butterlea looking for mushrooms, fiddle-heads and other delicacies to put up for the long winter.

Flit, unfamiliar with the local flora, managed to tangle with a giant thistle. She spent several horrified minutes suspended by her sweet blond curls before Murphy and Crumb were able to rescue her. Sadly the only way to release her from the thistle was to cut all of her hair off.

This morning Crumb loaned her a hat and the puppies were happy to give her some moral support!


  1. Poor Flit looks as sleepy and worn out as I do. Our heat spell has me worn out.

    1. We've had a cool spell lately which has been nice. You could come visit! ;)