Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Drum

With so many visitors at Grand's the younger children can get overwhelmed. Serenity needed a bit of peace and quiet so she and Miss Pepper decided to sneak off to their hideout in the wall. It's far away from the action and usually very quiet. They'd just settled down for a knitting lesson when a series of loud bangs made them jump!

Since Serenity's hands were a little occupied holding the yarn that Miss Pepper was patiently winding in to a ball, they decided to ignore the interruption and settled back in to a rhythm. Swish, wind, swish, wind....

...bang, bang, bangety, bangety, bop, bop, bang!  This time the noise was too much. Serenity dropped the yarn and ran off down the hall to see what was causing all the racket.

Oh no! One of those visitors gave Whiffy a drum!
"Make him stop please Grand! He's hurting my head!"

It's a good thing Whiffy is still young enough for an afternoon nap.

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