Wednesday, September 24, 2014

On the Playground

While it is officially autumn in In-Betwix, summer weather is making one last appearance. Saja and Marzi decided to take advantage of the warm, sunny day to go to the playground.  Both prefer to be outside and active with skateboarding, tennis and cook outs among their favourite activities.

Today Saja wanted to try out her new jump rope. Her old one had been chewed by naughty puppy so Lubelle had given her a beautiful new blue one. She'd carefully kept it away from the puppy to avoid further chewing temptation.

Marzi preferred to play hopscotch today. Grand gave her some chalk and she carefully drew her hopscotch board on the side walk.

Naughty puppy, not really meaning to be naughty, got caught up in the exuberance of their games and accidentally bumped Marzi who lost her balance and fell.

Saja dropped her jump rope and quickly ran over to help Marzi. Naughty puppy feeling badly he'd knocked Marzi down tried to apologize by licking Marzi's face. Eew puppy drool! That just added insult to injury!

Saja finally got the situation under control and helped both Marzi and the puppy back to Grand's. Knowing the kids in her care, Grand saved the day by supplying ice cream all around.  It looks like naughty puppy might be about to find himself in the dog house again!

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