An earth like place that is neither here nor there. That means that it's not here on earth sharing space with the humans but sort of just slightly apart from it. It seems there is a shield in place that protects In-Betwix from our view and therefore our interference. No one seems to know or remember how the shield got there, who constructed it, or even how old it is. There are stories of inhabitants of both worlds being able to pass through the shield. Usually it happens because of a great want or need, a quest, or completely by accident. Cracks, rifts and holes sometimes appear and then disappear without explanation trapping the curious on one side or another. And sometimes bad things come through.

The largest city in In-Betwix. It is a fortified ancient city which is home to many different races. The city is divided into clans which are like extended families. Some like Grand's are mixed races either because they are adopted or from intermarriage. Other clans are pure only because they can not reproduce with other races. Elven, human, fae, goblin etc. all live together in tentative peace.

A village that is home to fairies, pixies and possibly other tiny species. They are too small to be comfortable in the big cities and they much prefer wide open spaces with lots of forests, mountains, meadows and rivers around them. They don't like technology so you won't find cars, computers or other such stuff around. They do possess the smallest amount of "magic" which is really just ancient knowledge applied to everyday life.

Grand's House:
The Grand Duchess Margaret Ruby Jones, otherwise known as Grand, has opened her home in Aelbridge to children who are either orphans, lost, abandoned or otherwise in need of a home. Some are here short term and some for longer. This is the story of their adventures.