Aelbridge Elite

Aelbridge Elite:
This unlikely group of six band together to discover the mystery of the shield and find out who is trying to destroy it and In-Betwix!

Alasdair Creighton (Dair)
Oldest son of Elan Creighton, Leader of the Wilders. Dair is second in command and will one day take over the leadership. He takes his responsibilities to the Wilders, his leadership and his half sister Maeve very seriously. Most see him as cold, business-like and serious. His family knows his soft spot for the children and the lower fae like the sprites, fairies, brownie, pixies and goblins. He has a love for music and the wild dances of his people.

Maeve Creighton
Dair's younger step-sister. They share the common bond of both having their mothers disappear through the shield. Maeve is a Wilder Patrol Guard.

Willow Nerys Llewellyn
Willow is the daughter of a prominent and wealthy High Elven family.  Her parents, now retired have both been members of the High Council as has at least one family member for many generations. Although still quite young, Willow herself is already on the High Council although in a junior role. She is ambitious and has plans to become an Elder and then Head of Council. She feels a sense of entitlement to these positions because of her family but is more than willing to play politics to get herself there. Willow as a distrust for the Wilders and leads a group on council that wishes to replace the Wilder Patrol Guard with The Council Elite Guard despite the fact that they have little affinity or training in the wild and or to the shield.

Sara Lyons
Sara is an artist. She lost her husband through an opening in the shield and spends a lot of her time searching In-Betwix for clues on his disappearance and for ways to retrieve him. She and her two children, Serenity and Whiffy live with Grand.