Butterlea's Cast of Characters

Beittoven is a field fairy. No one knows quite how old he is and he is happy with that!  He is the village handyman in Butterlea and lives in the log cabin at the edge of Shade Meadow. His nemesis is an ornery pig who belongs to the farmer down the road and just loves to get into Beittoven's vegetable garden.

Murphy is a water pixie. She lives in the sweet little two story with her best friend Nixie. Murphy runs the General Store in Butterlea.

Nixie, also a water Pixie is a kindly soul. She tends to all the residents of Butterlea with a sweet smile. You can be sure if you are sick that Nixie will bring you some of her excellent Pixie dust soup to get you back on your feet again. Nixie, of course, is the owner of the local Apothecary.

Mellowdi, a star fairy, is a well-known musician who has travelled In-Betwix extensively giving concerts and teaching young pixlings to play the harp. She's decided to settle down in Butterlea and let the music students come to her. She is finishing up a tour while waiting for her new Manor to be renovated in Butterlea.

Moe Zart:
Moe Zart is also a new comer to In-Betwix. He's a pixie of unknown origin who used to be in law enforcement. He recently retired and has decided to open his own pub in Butterlea. A rather grumpy fellow, you can be sure no one will get out of line in his bar!