Grand's House

The Grand Duchess Margaret Ruby Jones:
Otherwise known as Grand, this retired royalty has a soft spot for lost puppies and kittens, kids and creatures. Anyone who needs a home and a bit of love whether it's long or short term. She's a patient lady, somewhat of a neat-nick who always knows just what a child needs. 

Archangela (a.k.a. Angel):
Angel, a middle child, is three so she's susceptible to all the moodiness and tantrums of a toddler.  Plus she's part elven!  Pink and brown are her favourite colours.  She loves her boots and has been known to wear them to bed. 

The eldest

Liam is the baby in Grand's house. He's just about one year old and is learning to stand on his own. He can't walk yet but he sure can crawl! And while he talks a lot, most of it is still baby gibberish.

The Ange Sisters:
Molly and Hannah are orphans. 
Molly is eight. She is a sweet, shy little girl who struggles to keep up with her older sister. Her favourite colour is purple and she loves dresses, frilly things and Lalaloopsy dolls. She feels safest and happiest when she is listening to Grand tell stories.
Hannah is the oldest child in Grand's house. She is 10 and wants to be mature but isn't quite ready to give up her favourite stuffed toy Pooh. She can't decide on a favourite colour but she doesn't like frills and would rather be wearing jeans and sneakers than a dress. Hannah loves to look after the younger children. She can be a bit bossy sometimes but when that happens younger sister Molly is there to gently remind her she isn't "mother".

The Lyons Children:
Serenity is five and although she's a serious little thing, she always has a smile for those around her. She's very protective of her brother Whiffy and the other younger children in the house. She worships Molly and Hannah secretly wishing they would take her into their confidences and games more often. And because there aren't any other children her age in the house right now she's invented an "invisible friend" Pepper to play with. Pepper is a giant mouse and they like to hang out and have tea parties together using found objects they've cobbled together and store in a hole in the wall.
Whiffy: (Wilfred)
Whiffy is two and a half. He's a bit shy but loves to try and emulate his hero Max who is only too happy to show Whiffy the ins and outs of being a boy! He loves robots, cars and Elmo.

The Lyons children are the only kids in Grand's care with known parents. Mother Sara is an artist who also lives at Grand's house when she is in town. When she is not off pursuing her art she is in search of the children's father who mysteriously disappeared. 

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